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WCAIS Update

The Department of Labor & Industry implemented Release 1 of the Workers' Compensation Automation and Integration System, or WCAIS, on Sept. 17, 2012. The first of two releases, Release 1 will activate new functionality for the Workers' Compensation Appeal Board (WCAB) and Helpline.


WCAIS is a web-based information system that will integrate the business processes of the WCAB, the Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC) and the Workers' Compensation Office of Adjudication (WCOA), and provide the public with the ability to interact with all three program areas electronically.


With this first release of WCAIS, parties will be able to file appeals, petitions and documents online with the WCAB and to upload documents, and search, view and obtain information on the status of appeals in WCAIS.


In order to use WCAIS, all interested parties must register in the system. In addition, attorneys registering to use WCAIS will be required to provide identification documents as part of the registration process. Organizations, including law firms, will have the ability to manage their staff’s access to the system.


With the Release 2 of WCAIS in the fall of 2013, users will be able to conduct business electronically with the BWC and the WCOA. Features of the second release include round-the-clock access to file petitions and requests online, manage documents and claims, and electronic communication with all program areas. Additionally, Release 2 will include the mandatory filing of most claims-related forms through electronic data interchange, or EDI.


Please visit the project website at for additional information on both releases of WCAIS. Visit to begin the registration process and gain access to WCAIS.

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